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Neutral Host Indoor/Outdoor DAS/Small Cell Systems

WSS can assist in providing multi-carrier/operator siting solutions for both outdoor and in-building locations by securing infrastructure for neutral-host DAS/small cell systems to increase coverage and capacity while increasing connectivity for 4G and soon 5G applications in large public and private venues as well as large transportation hubs such as: 


  • Commercial buildings  

    • Residential buildings
    • Mall
    • Hospitals
    • Bus, train and subway stations
    • Airports
    • Convention Centers
    • Warehouses
    • Stadiums
    • Schools/college campuses

    Small Cells In The Right Of Way - Access To The Internet Of Things  

      WSS’ seasoned zoning and permitting professionals can work with municipalities in “getting to yes” as it relates to siting small cells within the municipal rights-of-way.  WSS is well-versed in the recent FCC Order (FCC 18-133 “Accelerating Wireline Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment”) and can assist in negotiating with local governmental instrumentalities to secure infrastructure for small cell deployment within the municipal rights-of-way.  WSS can assist in working with local governments to draft/negotiate right-of-way master agreements with municipalities to create a structured permitting process consistent with the parameters set forth in the FCC Order.