Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Our team meets with local zoning/permitting officials early in the process prior to the submission of an application.

We file complete application packages while advising the permitting/zoning authority of the applicable recent FCC regulations as well as any applicable shot clocks at the time of submission.

We present the local permitting/zoning authority with a concise yet detailed memo/overview with respect to the applicability of FCC regulations (Sec 6409, FCC Order 14-153, OTARD Rules, FCC Order 18-133, etc.) prior to or at the time of application to obtain streamlined administrative zoning approvals.


Work with permit agencies/joint pole/structure owner(s) and other 3rd parties to fully identify permitting requirements.

Maintain relationships with municipalities and manage all aspects of complying with requirements of approvals for installation, operation, and maintenance of facilities and networks.

Obtain all necessary permitting/zoning approvals from local, regional, and national agencies.

Inform other internal functional groups about requirements and regulations of government entities and municipalities.

Assist with compliance of general conditions of approvals at permit and construction stages of the project to meet project timelines.